How do I increase my transfer limit on Diamond Bank app?

How do I increase my bank transfer limit?

Here’s how to change or check your transfer limit:

  1. Log into internet banking.
  2. Click ‘accounts’ and select ‘change transfer limit’.
  3. Click the to the right of the account you want to change, select ‘change limit’ and enter your new daily transfer limit.

What is the transfer limit for diamond bank?

Features of Diamond Transfer Code

It allows you to select which account to transact with, where you have over one Diamond account. Also, the maximum daily transfer limit is N100,000 (a combination of Intrabank and Interbank) and the maximum daily airtime purchase is N3,000.

What is access limit transfer?

Account holders of Access Bank can perform transactions of up to N100, 000 per transaction and a cumulative of one million naira (N1M) per day. Please note that account holders are required to visit an Access Bank branch to map their bank accounts before they can increase their transaction limits.

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What is the transfer limit for Access Bank Mobile App?

What is the limit transferrable on Instant Electronics Funds Transfer? For Mobile Banking transfers, a limit of N2,000,000.00 is applicable in four tranches of N500,000.00.

How do I increase my USSD transfer limit FirstBank?

FirstBank customers can transfer up to N100,000.00 per day and recharge airtime up to N10,000.00 per day. To generate account mini statement, dial *894*Account Number#, and to check account balance, the magic code is *894*00#.

How do I increase my first bank transfer limit?

Every customer of the FirstBank Nigeria registered on the bank online, or mobile banking service stands a chance to increase their transfer limit. All that is needed is to provide documents of you being the rightful owner of the account with a qualified ID card.

How do I get my transfer PIN from Diamond Bank?

How To Register For The Transfer PIN

  1. On your account number registered mobile number, dial *426#
  2. Input the last six (6) digits of your debit ATM card if you want to register with your ATM card. …
  3. Input your Diamond Bank account number in the next prompt.
  4. Create a four (4) digits PIN and confirm it.

How do I transfer money from Diamond Bank?

Transferring money

  1. Transfer to another Access Bank customer: Dial *901*1*amount of money*account number to send to#. …
  2. Transfer to another bank: Dial *901*2*amount of money*account number to send to#.

How do I Unrestrict my Access Bank account?

How do I unblock my account?

  1. You can unblock your accounts by doing any of the following:
  2. Send a duly signed instruction via email to
  3. Call our 24-hour contact centre on 07003000000 or visit a branch.
  4. Click HERE to use the self-service customer support option on our website.
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How much can I transfer in a day in Nigeria?

Daily Limit is N100,000, while Airtime purchase Single transaction limit is N20,000. Daily Limit is N100,000 To increase your limit to N500,000 – N1,000,000 visit the nearest branch to request for it.

Why is * 901 not working?

Have you forgotten you PIN or your PIN for USSD is not working, you can reset the PIN using USSD. … Dial *901#, press the number 4, then press the number 4, to reset PIN and follow other instructions on the mobile phone number, then you can enter old 4 digit pin, then you will be required to enter new 4 digit pin.

How do I check my BVN Online Access Bank?

You can log in to your Access internet banking account and link your bank details online. Just go to your online banking dashboard and select Service Requests Menu. After that, select Initiate Service Request. Finally, select Link BVN.

How do I create a transaction PIN in access more app?

New Customers

  1. Visit the Android PlayStore or iOS Store.
  2. Download the “AccessMore” app.
  3. Select ‘Sign up’ to register.
  4. Select Unique User ID and Password.
  5. Create PIN with card or OTP sent to mobile number/ Call our Contact Center(01-2702005) to set up an E-PIN/token.

How do I upgrade my Access Bank account?

Steps To Upgrade Access Bank Savings Account

  1. Go to the nearest Access bank branch and request for account upgrade.
  2. You will be given the Savin account upgrade form to fill.
  3. Kindly fill the form with the correct information in each field.
  4. Go through to ensure you provide the right details in the corresponding field.
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