How do you get flawless jewels in Skyrim?

The most dependable way for finding gems is the “Prowler’s Profit” active effect. By acquiring this effect looting a few chests will give a lot of rare and flawless gems. To get the effect the quest of Stones of Barenziah must be completed. Normally clearing out Tombs, Nordic and Dwemer Ruins will give some rare gems.

How do you get flawless gems in Skyrim?

The miscellaneous quest received at Merryfair Farm rewards randomly generated gemstones. The gems rewarded can be of the flawless quality if the player character’s level is high enough. A flawless ruby can be found in the Emperor’s bedchambers on board The Katariah.

Where can I get 2 flawless sapphires in Skyrim?

Locations. A sapphire can be found on a dresser in the Stewards quarters, Mistveil Keep, in Riften. Two can be pickpocketed or looted from Sapphire. A flawless sapphire can be found on a bookshelf in the Inner Sanctum of the Temple of Dibella in Markarth.

Where can I find flawless emeralds in Skyrim?

Flawless Emeralds are a type of leveled loot commonly found in chests, but on rare occasions can be found on corpses. They may also be found as dungeon dressings, in display shelves, and in display cases. Thieves found in Riften can also drop these items.

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What do you get for finding all the unusual gems in Skyrim?

After collecting all 24 Unusual Gems, which are later called Stones of Barenziah after you show one to Vex, you bring them all to Vex. Once you do that, she’ll send you on a quest to find the Crown of Barenziah in Tovald’s Cave.

What does a Daedra Heart do?

Daedra Heart is an ingredient used to craft potions for Alchemy as well as a key component for smithing Daedric Armor. Daedra hearts can also be created at the Atronach Forge, or used as ingredients in sixteen different Atronach Forge Recipes.

What is a flawless diamond?

Flawless (FL): No inclusions or blemishes visible under 10x magnification of diamond. Internally Flawless (IF): Diamonds that contain no visible inclusions under 10x magnification.

What are flawless diamonds used for Skyrim?

A gem which can be used to make jewelry. Considered the rarest gem in Skyrim.

How do you get flawless sapphires?

Flawless Sapphires

  1. Inner Sanctum, Temple of Dibella in Markarth – on a bookshelf.
  2. Mara’s Eye Den – look on the table next to the Smuggler’s Journal.
  3. Korvanjund – after completing the quest The Jagged Crown, a sapphire will be in a bowl on a bookcase next to the throne.

Can I give Sapphire Glovers letter?

Take it to Sapphire in the Thieves Guild in Riften. After she reads it she gives the Dragonborn an Exquisite Sapphire. … If the Dragonborn somehow has multiple copies of Glover’s Letter in their inventory, the option to give the letter to Sapphire won’t appear when talking to her.

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How do you find diamonds in Skyrim?


  1. Amaund Motierre carries several precious gems; a diamond may be one.
  2. Hillgrund’s Tomb – On the table in the room after beating Vals Veran.
  3. Korvanjund – In a bowl in the main chamber along with other gems.
  4. Rannveig’s Fast – On the upper level in a pot with a dead bandit reaching for it.

Is there an unusual gem on the Katariah?

The unique Gilded Wristguards can be found in the Emperor’s chambers. A Flawless Ruby can be found in the Emperor’s chambers.

Where can I find a Deathbell flower in Skyrim?


  • Many (more than 20) deathbell plants grow in and around the town of Morthal.
  • A concentration of deathbell can be found around the Abandoned Shack, in the swamps east of the Solitude docks.
  • Growing in the swamp area surrounding the Apprentice Stone.
  • There is an abundance of plants growing outside of Folgunthur.