How do you get the yellow re1 gem?

The Yellow Gemstone is placed in a deer head hanging on a wall in the Spencer Mansion. It can be recovered by climbing a crate to reach the deer head, but the player must make sure an eagle statue with a rotating head isn’t looking at them or the gem will be locked into the deer head by an anti-theft mechanism.

How do you get the red and yellow jewels in Resident Evil?

After obtaining the Helmet Key from the Dormitory, the mansion’s Trophy Room can be unlocked and the Red Jewel can be found inside. The jewel is unable to be seen unless Chris or Jill turn off the lights by interacting with the light switch next to the door.

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Where is the tiger room in Resident Evil 1?

The Tiger statue room (虎の石像の部屋, Tora no sekizō no heya?) is an area of the Spencer Mansion, located on the west wing’s ground floor. This area is featured in Resident Evil (1996) and the 2002 remake.

How do I get to plant 42 in Resident Evil?

Walking across the catwalk you’ll find a room you haven’t entered yet. Inside will be a part of Plant 42. Use the V-Jolt. Now, return to Room 003 and enter Plant 42’s lair from the hidden bookcase door just beyond.

How do you get to the trophy room in Resident Evil?

The player must use the Helmet Key to unlock the door to this room. The player can press the switch to turn the room’s light on and off.

How do you open the Jewellery box in Resident Evil?

To unlock the box, you must press the two buttons which resemble a heart shape. One is on the box’s front; the other is on the back. Inside, the Mask without eyes, nose, or mouth. is revealed.

Where is Rebecca upstairs Resident Evil?

In the Study, you will hear a scream. Time to save Rebecca! Trust me, it’s for the best, don’t let her die. She’s upstairs in the small library where you got the Dog Whistle, being attacked by a hunter.

What do you do with the dog whistle in Resident Evil?

Purpose. It can be used on the West terrace to call two cerberuses, one of which is carrying a replica of the Armor Key in its collar. A crumpled memo is found lying near the whistle, which explains how to use it. Once your character uses the whistle, they are given the option to discard it as they return inside.

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What is the blue gemstone used for in Resident Evil?

Purpose. It can be used in the Tiger statue room to procure a box of shotgun shells.

How do I get the Armour key in Resident Evil?

In the original versions of the game, the Armor Key can be recovered from the mansion’s Greenhouse, which is inhabited by a mutant plant. In the Arrange Mode present on the Director’s Cut release, the key has been placed on the east terrace next to Forest’s body.

How do you get the helmet key in Resident Evil remastered?

In most versions of the game, the Helmet Key is found in the fireplace after defeating Plant 42 in the Dormitory’s lounge area, Point 42. In the Arrange Mode on the Director’s Cut release, the Control Room Key is found in the fireplace instead.

How do I open the door to the Spencer emblem?

Location. The key is hidden in a Jewelry Box, which requires the placing of a Red Gemstone to unlock.

How do you get the eagle puzzle in Resident Evil?

Get the Wooden Statuette from the drained bathtub in Main House 2F, Bathroom. Place it on the pedestal in Main House 1F, Main Hall. Adjust the statue so that an eagle shadow silhouette appears on the painting. Confirm when you’re close to complete the puzzle.

What room is the deer head in Resident Evil?

You need the Armor Key to access this room.

Where do I put the Eagle medal in Resident Evil?

The Medal of Eagle is one of the items needed to access the Arklay Laboratory underneath the mansion, along with the Medal of Wolf. The player must place it in the hollow slot on the east side of the Courtyard Fountain. Placing both medals will open the entrance to the lab.

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