How much money does a 15 Star Diamond Beachbody coach make?

Average: $109,225.

How much does a diamond coach make at Beachbody?

What are the Different Levels of Beachbody Coaching?

Beachbody Coach Rank Potential Weekly Team Cycle Bonus Per Business Center Potential Annual Team Cycle Bonus Per Business Center
Ruby $1,000 $52,000
Diamond $2,000 $104,000
1 Star Diamond $3,000 $156,000
2 Star Diamond $4,000 $208,000

What does the highest paid Beachbody coach make?

The highest salary for a Beachbody Coach in United States is $75,909 per year.

What is a superstar Diamond Beachbody Coach?

A Superstar Diamond Coach is someone who has personally sponsored 15 or more Diamond Coaches. Diamond is a rank in the company that symbolizes that you have entered the leadership phase of your business. It means that you have mastered running successful challenge groups and you are turning customers into coaches.

What does an elite Beachbody coach make?

You also receive a $100 per month bonus, and the top 200 Elite Coaches receive an additional $400 per month, for a total of $500 each month.

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Is Beachbody coach a pyramid scheme?

Beachbody is not a pyramid scheme. There are two things that we do as Beachbody Coaches. … You get paid a percentage of the profits that Beachbody, the parent company, makes from the sales of fitness programs and nutritionals.

How do Beachbody coaches get paid?

Beachbody coaches make money through commissions and team volume. * Coaches can also qualify to earn monthly prizes, quarterly bonuses, and trips. … Every coach makes a 25% commission from most orders; apparel orders are 20%. Each coach can also grow a team to create a Team Cycle Bonus each week.

Is becoming a Beachbody coach worth it?

Is Becoming a Beachbody Coach Worth It? Now that you know there are fees involved in being a Beachbody Coach I bet you’re wondering if the discount is even worth it. Well, that depends on what you regularly buy from Beachbody. If you’ve got a monthly Shakeology order on auto-ship then yes, it’s totally worth it.

How much do 11 Star Diamond Beachbody coaches make?

A Star Diamond Beachbody Coach Makes Approximately:

Average: $109,225.

Do Beachbody coaches get commission on MYX bike?

MYX provides a 12-month warranty. … There are no Coach commissions, volume or other compensation paid on extended warranty purchases. Note: if you wish to purchase an extended warranty plan, you must purchase within the first 364 days of your bike’s delivery.

How much does a premiere Beachbody coach make?

Earn between $14 and $18 each cycle, depending on rank. Earn 5% or 10% on your Personally Sponsored Coaches’ Team Cycle Bonus. 2 Star Diamonds and above are eligible to participate in four (4) Star Diamond Bonuses, paid out quarterly.

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How much do Beachbody cast members make?

Beachbody Salary FAQs

The average Beachbody salary ranges from approximately $129,925 per year for an Analyst to $305,196 per year for a Vice President. Beachbody employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.9/5 stars.

How old is Ashlie molstad?

Even though she’s a fitness and health coach, Ashlie Molstad — aka Foodie Girl Fitness — doesn’t always feel confident about her body. Molstad, 31, struggled to get her health and weight back on track after suffering a miscarriage in June.

How much does a Beachbody coach make on a challenge pack?

Earn up to 36% for each Challenge Pack sold. Each time you sell your customer a non-Challenge Pack product from Team Beachbody®, you’ll most often earn a 25% commission*, or 15%* if they’re a Beachbody on Demand subscriber.

How many elite Beachbody coaches are there?

An Elite team means that EVERYONE on the team is having success, not just the leader. Team Run the World finished 2020 as the 65th coach in the network (out of 400,000 coaches). I feel inspired, excited, and in awe of the team that has been built from the decision that I first made to simply START!