Quick Answer: Who is Ruby EastEnders?

Ruby Allen is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Louisa Lytton from 18 March 2005 to 23 November 2006, and then from 18 September 2018 onwards. The character and casting were announced in February 2005, and Ruby was introduced in March that year by producer Kathleen Hutchison.

Who is Ruby to Stacey in EastEnders?

Stacey was left rotting in prison after friend-turned-nemesis Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton) falsely accused her of pushing her down the stairs, an incident that saw her lose her baby.

What’s the story with Ruby in EastEnders?

In the latest episode, Ruby was stunned to find out she was pregnant, but any relief was short-lived when husband Martin confronted her over her treachery. Ruby scrambled to come up with excuses, reasoning that her decisions were in response to Stacey stealing from her and then Jean trying to blackmail her.

What did Martin Find out about Ruby?

Martin Fowler (James Bye) will finally discover what Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton) is capable of as he learns his wife reported Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) in EastEnders. … Jean faces questioning and at Martin’s, Lily reveals she got her weed from Jean’s and Ruby knew.

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Who was Ruby’s father in EastEnders?

Ruby Allen made a confession over Stacey Slater’s imprisonment in EastEnders. Thursday’s (August 12) episode continued on from Ruby offering Jean money, as guilt continued to consume her over sending Jean’s daughter Stacey to prison for a crime she didn’t commit.

What did Ruby do to Martin in EastEnders?

Ruby begged Martin to tell the police she was pregnant and explain she was innocent. However, Martin was also done with Ruby’s lies after he discovered she was responsible for Stacey (Lacey Turner) going to jail.

What did Ruby do to Jean?

However, Jean was arrested after Ruby shopped her to the police in a bid to stop Jean from exposing her secret to Ruby’s husband Martin – that Ruby framed Stacey for attacking her and wrongfully sent her to prison.

Who set up the drugs in EastEnders?

EastEnders spoilers: Jean Slater and Shirley Carter become drug barons.

Does Ruby tell Martin?

She’s not pleased that Ruby hasn’t told Martin the truth though, and therefore she makes it clear that she’s going to do it for her. … Her suspicions are confirmed when Martin tells her that Lily (Lilia Turner) was caught selling weed at school.

Does Martin divorce Ruby?

In the upcoming episodes, Zack Hudson bumps into a gloomy-looking Martin before convincing him to go for a drink. He goes on to insist Martin move in with him and Sharon Watts for the time being, while the latter knows a solicitor that can help him with his divorce from Ruby.

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What has Ruby done to Jean in EastEnders?

Despite failing to help Stacey at all, more recently, Ruby confessed to Jean that Stacey hadn’t done anything wrong and she never pushed her down the stairs. Jean is yet to tell anyone what she knows, but in upcoming scenes, she ends up collapsing. But will she come clean and expose Ruby’s lies before it’s too late?

Why did Ruby leave EastEnders?

Why is Louisa Lytton leaving EastEnders? The soap star is leaving her role as Ruby to head on maternity leave. Louisa announced back in March 2021 that she’s expecting her first child with fiancé Ben Bhanvra.

What is Ruby’s Secret in EastEnders?

While getting over the surgery, Ruby forgot about Martin’s (James Bye) birthday and was wracked with guilt. At one point, she tearfully tells Martin she doesn’t think she deserves to be a mother because of her actions.

Does Ruby Allen get found out?

EastEnders confirms Ruby Allen’s exit story as she makes huge confession. Martin finally learns the truth.

Who pushed Ruby EastEnders?

Ruby, as viewers will know, lied to the police, claiming that Stacey had pushed her down the stairs, causing her to have a miscarriage. In reality, she had simply tripped amid a showdown with her former best mate.