You asked: Which version of Ruby does puppet support?

What is puppet gem?

Puppet, an automated configuration management tool.

How do you upgrade puppet agent?

Upgrade agents using the puppet_agent module

  1. On your primary server, download and install the puppetlabs-puppet_agent module: puppet module install puppetlabs-puppet_agent.
  2. Configure the primary server to download the agent version you want to upgrade.

Which of the following file does puppet agent downloads from Puppet Master?

When using the architecture-appropriate installer, Puppet installs into C:Program FilesPuppet LabsPuppet .

What does puppet Agent T do?

1 Answer. These are: puppet apply – applies or “executes” Puppet code on the local machine. puppet agent -t also sometimes written puppet agent –test – calls the Puppet Agent to retrieve a catalog (compiled Puppet code) from a Puppet Master, and then applies it locally and immediately.

What is new puppet?

The puppet key and puppet cert commands are replaced by the puppet ssl and puppetserver ca commands. The puppet status application — replaced by the Puppet Server status REST API. The puppet module build and generate applications — replaced by PDK. The output of the puppet facts application has changed.

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How do I update my puppet version?

Upgrade cautions

  1. Configure a new node with a supported primary server platform, for example Enterprise Linux 7 or 8, or Ubuntu 18.04.
  2. Install your current PE version on the new node.
  3. Back up your existing installation.
  4. Restore your installation on the new primary server using the backup you created.

Is Puppet Master on Netflix?

It’s certainly easy to feel like that while watching Netflix’s riveting new true-crime docuseries The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman.

How do I install puppet master?

Installing Puppet

  1. Enable the Puppet platform repository. Enable the Puppet platform on Yum. Enable the Puppet platform on Apt.
  2. Install Puppet Server.
  3. Install Puppet agent.
  4. Install PuppetDB (optional)

How do I know my puppet version?

To check the installed puppet version use puppet -V command and then create a new file called in the apt preferences directory with following configurations changes. root@ubuntu-client:~# puppet -V 3.8.

How do you connect puppet master to puppet?

On the node, do the following:

  1. Set the value of the SMF config/server property for the agent so that it points to the master. # svccfg -s puppet:agent setprop config/ # svccfg -s puppet:agent refresh. …
  2. Test the connection from the agent to the master. # puppet agent –test.

Which of the following file does puppet agent downloads from puppet master manifest facts Catalog report?

When configuring a node, Puppet Agent uses a document called a catalog, which it downloads from a Puppet Master. The catalog describes the desired state for each resource that should be managed, and may specify dependency information for resources that should be managed in a certain order.

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