Your question: What gemstones can be found in Indiana?

Indiana is best known for fine examples of the minerals calcite, dolomite, quartz, pyrite, fluorite, and celestite.

Where can I dig for gems in Indiana?

Public Gem Mines in Indiana

  • Copperhead Creek Mining Company.
  • Squire Boon Caverns.
  • Marengo Cave.
  • Yogi Bear Jellystone Park Knightstown.
  • Indiana Caverns Family Adventure Park.

Is there gemstones found in Indiana?

Semiprecious gemstones like agate, jasper, and petrified wood will be some of the most prolific and easy to find collectible rocks in Indiana.

Are there diamonds in Indiana?

Though diamond mining is not an economically viable industry in Indiana, yet a few large diamonds have occasionally been found. However the discovery of diamonds is more by chance than by actual prospecting. To date, only 38 diamonds have been recorded to be found in the history of Indiana.

Can you find emeralds in Indiana?

Most of the gemstone mining areas are located in Brown County in the southern part of the state. The locations give you a chance to mine for gemstones such as emeralds, gold and rubies — with RV and tent camping located nearby in state parks or on the premises.

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Is there gold in Indiana creeks?

Gold has been found in creeks throughout the state. Prospectors flock to 14 Mile Creek in Charleston State Park, Silver Creek in Clark County and the Wabash River near Logansport. Many of the runs that flow through Morgan-Monroe State Forest have been successful for Romine.

Can you find geodes in Indiana?

A quintessential southern Indiana rock, geodes are mostly found in Morgan, Monroe, Brown, Lawrence and Washington counties.

What is Indiana State Gem?

Sec. 1. The regal type rock “Limestone” which is found and quarried in south and central Indiana from the geologic formation named the Salem Limestone, is hereby adopted as the official stone of the State of Indiana.

Can Obsidian be found in Indiana?

Found it in a field in Northwest Indiana. Same spot where a house used to be in the 1900’s and I pick up lots of other interesting finds such as broken glass from old medicine bottles, marbles, farm implements, and old insulators.

What minerals are mined in Indiana?

Indiana is a major producer of construction sand and gravel, crushed stone (limestone), dimension stone, and portland cement. It produces ball clay, common clay, gemstones, gypsum, industrial sand and gravel, lime, masonry cement, and peat.

Where are gold nuggets found in Indiana?

Small nuggets and pickers can be found in the cracks and crevices in the bedrock. The creek is a very popular location for gold prospecting in Indiana. It is made up of tributaries flowing from Sweetwater Lake and northern Brown County. Monroe County is also dotted with several creeks that have glacial gold deposits.

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Is there buried treasure in Indiana?

In fact, I found at least 11 different stores of buried treasure in Indiana. … A gang called the Reno Gang was believed to have caches of buried treasure somewhere in the Little Goss Cave. Early Indians worked in a rich silver mine located somewhere on or near the Round Top Knob.

What is mined in Indiana?

Indiana produces coal for energy. Stone, sand, and gravel are mined for building roads, bridges, buildings, and all the state’s infrastructure. Other essential minerals needed for today’s life are also mined in Indiana. A major resource is coal.

Is marble found in Indiana?

You can find many types of rocks and minerals in various counties in Indiana. … You can find it within metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rock. Calcite is the primary component of marble and limestone. Dolomite – Dolomite comes in two forms: dolomite mineral and dolomite rock/stone.

Where can I find fluorite in Indiana?

Fluorite from Indiana, USA

  • Fluorite. Corydon Stone Co. Quarry, Corydon, Harrison Co., Indiana, USA.
  • Fluorite, etc. Corydon Stone Co. Quarry, Corydon, Harrison Co., Indiana, USA.
  • Fluorite, etc. Corydon Stone Co. Quarry, Corydon, Harrison Co., Indiana, USA.
  • Fluorite. Corydon Stone Co.

What kind of geodes are in Indiana?

Scattered about the forest, you’ll most commonly find quartz, barite, dolomite, and white calcite. Each mineral is beautiful in its own way, and these aren’t the only treasures you may find here. There’s also a marginal chance that you’ll come across some precious gems, like garnets or sapphires.