How do I install Ruby on Ubuntu?

How do I download Ruby on Ubuntu?

Install Ruby on Ubuntu with APT

  1. Step 1: Open the Terminal application. First, we need to open up Terminal. …
  2. Step 2: Update APT. Before we install Ruby, we want to make sure that APT has the latest package lists. …
  3. Step 3: Install Ruby. …
  4. Step 4: Verify the installation.

How do I install a specific version of Ruby Ubuntu?

To install and use a different version of Ruby, run the rbenv commands with a different version number, as in rbenv install 2.3. 0 followed by rbenv global 2.3. 0 . You now have at least one version of Ruby installed and have set your default Ruby version.

How do I install a new version of Ruby?

Get started with rbenv

  1. List the installed Ruby versions. To list the installed Ruby versions in your machine with rbenv, run the following command: rbenv version. …
  2. Install a Ruby version. To install a new Ruby version, use the rbenv install command: rbenv install VERSION. …
  3. Use a specific Ruby version for a project.

How do I start Ruby on Ubuntu?

How to Install Ruby on Ubuntu 20.04

  1. Install Ruby via Ubuntu Repository.
  2. Install Ruby Using Rbenv. Step 1: Download Updates and Dependencies. Step 2: Install Rbenv. Step 3: Install Ruby.
  3. Install Ruby Using RVM. Step 1: Download Updates and Dependencies. Step 2: Install RVM. Step 3: Install Ruby.
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What is Rbenv and RVM?

RVM overrides the cd shell command in order to load the current Ruby environment variables. Not only can the override cause unexpected behavior, but it also means that rubies and gemsets are loaded when switching directories. rbenv does things on the fly by using shims to execute commands.

How do I set up rails?

Rails Installation on Linux

  1. Step 1: Install Prerequisite Dependencies. First of all, we have to install git – core and some ruby dependences that help to install Ruby on Rails. …
  2. Step 2: Install rbenv. …
  3. Step 3: Install Ruby. …
  4. Step 4: Install Rails. …
  5. Step 5: Install JavaScript Runtime. …
  6. Step 6: Install Database.

How do I find my Ubuntu version?

Open your terminal either by using the Ctrl+Alt+T keyboard shortcut or by clicking on the terminal icon. Use the lsb_release -a command to display the Ubuntu version. Your Ubuntu version will be shown in the Description line.

Where is Ruby installed on Linux?

One way open the terminal window (sometimes called a “shell” or “bash shell”) is to select Applications > Accessories > Terminal. Run the command which ruby. If you see a path such as /usr/bin/ruby, Ruby is installed.

How do I know if Ruby is installed?

Use ruby -v in command prompt. if it shows the version installed on the system. then it means Ruby is installed on your system.

Does Ubuntu come with Ruby?

Ruby is the language behind the powerful Ruby on Rails framework. In this tutorial we will show you three different ways to install Ruby on Ubuntu 20.04: … This is the easiest way to install Ruby on Ubuntu and should be sufficient for most use cases. The version included in the Ubuntu repositories is 2.7.

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Where is Ruby installed?

By default, binaries installed by gem will be placed into: /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/2.7. 0/bin You may want to add this to your PATH.

How do I run Ruby code?

Run a script

  1. Press Ctrl twice to invoke the Run Anything popup.
  2. Type the ruby script. rb command and press Enter . …
  3. (Optional) To run scratch files or scripts outside the project root, hold down the Alt key before running the command (in this case, the dialog title is changed to Run in Context).

How do I know what version of Rbenv I have?

You can see if it is using rbenv by typing which ruby and it should print something out with . rbenv/ whatever. If not you need to set rbenv as your current ruby. You can do that like rbenv global 2.1.