How do you use the Diamond Bank app?

How do you use diamond bank Mobile App?

Step 1: Navigate to the Menu Bar, where you’ll see Accounts and transaction options below it. Step 2: Select Transfer Funds. Step 3: Choose if you’ll be transferring funds to a Diamond account or other bank accounts. Step 4: After selecting, input the account number and amount.

Is diamond bank mobile app still working?

We would like to use this opportunity to inform our valued customers that the old Access and Diamond mobile apps will still be available and active till 2022 to give customers adequate time to migrate to the new mobile application”, Victor concluded.

How do I set up online banking with diamond bank?

Now you can go download Diamond Bank’s Mobile Banking App .

Search for “Diamond Bank Mobile Banking” and you will see the App with Diamond Bank’s logo. Step 1: Open the DB Mobile App. Enter Online Banking ID (or nickname) and tap Submit. Then enter your Pin/Password and tap Login.

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How do I check my diamond account balance?

Diamond Bank has several avenues for account balance checking as follows:

  1. You can dial *426# and then insert 1 in response to the on-screen command to check your account balance.
  2. Open a Diamond Y’ello account by dialing *710# and then go ahead to check your account balance by dialing *710*556*PIN#

How do I activate my Access mobile banking?

To activate the Access bank mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Kindly open the Access bank app on your phone.
  2. Click on the menu.
  3. Select “Unlock the device.”
  4. Enter the right credentials to unlock the app on your device.
  5. Once you have successfully unlocked the Access bank app, switch back to the login section.

How do I unlock my diamond bank app?

To restore access to your account, you can select the “Unlock My Account” button on online banking or go through the “Forgot Password?” process on either online banking or our mobile banking app. * When you select “Unlock My Account,” the system will route you to the same “Forgot Password?” process as described below.

How do I check my BVN Online Access Bank?

You can log in to your Access internet banking account and link your bank details online. Just go to your online banking dashboard and select Service Requests Menu. After that, select Initiate Service Request. Finally, select Link BVN.

How do I open a diamond bank account on my phone?

New customers – Dial *901*5# to open a DiamondXtra account now or visit any Access Bank branch.

How can I transfer money from diamond bank to diamond bank?

To transfer money from your diamond bank to other banks, please dial *426*Amount*Account Number#. Enter your diamond bank transfer PIN. That is all, very simple!

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How do I find my Online Banking ID?

How To Recover SBI Net Banking user name (User ID)? Open the SBI Internet Banking login page and click on the Forgot login password option. In the new window, select Forgot Username and click on next. Now enter your CIF number, your country (India), enter your SBI registered mobile number and submit.

Which bank is diamond bank?

On 1 April 2019, Diamond Bank was fully merged with Access Bank to build a new entity while retaining the name of Access Bank with a logo that took the form of Diamond Bank.

What is the code to check diamond bank account number?

Dial *937*Amount# from the phone number, which you used to register your Diamond Bank account. 2. Easy! You see all your account numbers displayed on the phone screen.

How can I check my bank account balance?

By using Toll-free Banking

  1. You can check your balance by giving a missed call to 1800-843-1122.
  2. You can check your last 5 transactions by giving a missed call to 1800-843-1133.

What is the code for checking account balance?

To check your account balance, simply dial *945*0# from your registered mobile phone number.