How often can I get a diamond glow facial?

HOW OFTEN IS A DIAMONDGLOW® TREATMENT RECOMMENDED? We recommend 1-2 treatments per month to see continued improvement and glowing results. Your provider will determine your personalized treatment plan.

How long does DiamondGlow Facial results last?

But it doesn’t stop there. Your Diamond Glow facial keeps working over the next 6-12 weeks as your skin responds to it. You can expect to see continued smoothness as the rough texture sloughs off.

What does DiamondGlow Facial do?

Evens out dark spots and discoloration: In addition to improving fine lines and wrinkles, the DiamondGlow facial exfoliates the skin, gently removing the top layer of dirt, dead skin cells, and other debris.

What happens after DiamondGlow?

As a surface treatment, Diamond Glow treatments produce minimal side effects. However, you may experience mild tenderness, redness, and swelling in your targeted area(a). These mild side effects typically resolve within a few hours after your procedure.

Does DiamondGlow skin work?

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS I GOT FROM MY TREATMENT? DiamondGlow does more than merely smooth your skin’s surface: after all four of my treatments, I had a radiant, smooth, and healthy-looking complexion. The results are immediate, and they last.

Is DiamondGlow better than Hydrafacial?

Final Results: DiamondGlow will leave skin feeling freshly exfoliated, deeply cleansed, smoother and brighter. Hydrafacial will plump and hydrate skin, leaving you with a noticeable, brighter glow.

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How long does a DiamondGlow take?

Results after 4 weeks following 2 DiamondGlow® treatments with SkinMedica® Pore Clarifying Pro-Infusion Serum administered 2 weeks apart and a curated SkinMedica® skincare regimen. Individual results may vary. Unretouched photos.

How do you use DiamondGlow?

Diamond Glow Elegant Whitening Treatment Cream is a nourishing moisturizing treatment formulated to provide a noticeably lighter, more even complexion.

Diamond Glow.

Net Weight: 1.7 oz. / 50g
How to Use: Apply evenly onto your face or neck, once or twice a day.
Skin Type: Recommended for all skin types.

What is a DiamondGlow procedure?

Diamond Glow microdermabrasion combines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion to refresh the skin. It enhances exfoliation to remove impurities from pores and deliver nourishing serums. Patients can choose from varying grades of exfoliating tips to accommodate their skin types .

What should I do after Diamond facial?

What To Do After A Facial

  1. Keep Skin Hydrated. Proper hydration is key to maximizing the benefits of your facial. …
  2. Exfoliate Weekly. …
  3. Use A Vitamin C Serum. …
  4. Follow Your Esthetician’s Advice. …
  5. Book Your Next Appointment. …
  6. Visit The Steam Room. …
  7. Wax, Shave Or Have Laser Hair Removal. …
  8. Sunbathe.

Does DiamondGlow remove blackheads?

The gentle exfoliation eliminates dull & damaged skin cells to reveal a fresh layer of skin cells. The extraction process leaves a smoother skin surface that is blackhead & clog-free.

Is DiamondGlow the same as microdermabrasion?

Unlike other microdermabrasion, the DiamondGlow™ System combines non-invasive exfoliation with deep delivery of patient-specific solutions directly to the skin – without the use of crystal or other chemical exfoliants.

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