What battlegroup is Emerald Dream?

The Shadowburn Battlegroup includes: Agamaggan. Azshara.

What time zone is Emerald Dream?

The Emerald Dream server (US) is a Role-play – Player vs. Player (RPPvP) Central time zone realm.

What battle group is tichondrius?

Server:Tichondrius US

English PvP
Alliance 318,582
Horde 460,542
Alliance / Horde ratio 1 | 1.6

What servers are connected to Emerald Dream?

Connected realms

  • Aegwynn US, Bonechewer US, Daggerspine US, Gurubashi US, and Hakkar US.
  • Agamaggan US, Archimonde US, Jaedenar US, and The Underbog US.
  • Aggramar US and Fizzcrank US.
  • Akama US, Dragonmaw US, and Mug’thol US.
  • Alleria US and Khadgar US.
  • Alexstrasza US and Terokkar US.

Is wyrmrest accord a good server?

General Info. Wyrmrest Accord is a great Roleplaying server with tons of active players on Pacific Standard Time, opened on 1/16/09. Many of the specific events and activities on this page are out of date.

What Time Zone is Kel Thuzad?

The server runs at Mountain Standard Time.

Is Area 52 Horde or Alliance?

As of October 13th, 2019, Area 52 is one of the highest Horde population servers in North America. According to U.S. Realm Pop (https://realmpop.com/us-area-52.html), Area 52 is 93.7% Horde and 6.3% Alliance. Free server transfers opened to Terokkar PvE to try to relieve overpopulation.

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Is Area 52 a connected realm?

Area 52 is a PvE realm that opened January 16, 2007 as the destination realm for transfers from the overpopulated realms of Bloodhoof, Gilneas, Icecrown, Lothar and Stormrage. Area 52 operates on Eastern Standard Time.

Do battlegroups still exist in WoW?

A Battlegroup is a group of realms whose players can face each other in arena matches. Previously, battlegrounds and Dungeon Finder instances could only bring in players from the same battlegroup, but Blizzard has removed this restriction in US realms and is in the process of removing it elsewhere.

What servers are connected to thrall?

Server:Thrall US

  • PvPAndorhal.
  • PvPAnetheron.
  • PvPArchimonde.
  • PvPBlack Dragonflight.
  • PvEDalaran.
  • PvPDalvengyr.
  • PvPDentarg.
  • PvEDuskwood.

Is the AH cross server?

The answer to this question is both yes and no at the same time. To elaborate a little further, the Auction House can be cross-faction, but at the same time, it cannot be cross-faction. If you still don’t quite understand, it all comes down to the specific Auction House which is in question.

What servers are linked wow?

Connected Realms

  • Aerie Peak, Bronzebeard, Blade’s Edge, Eonar, Vek’nilash.
  • Agamaggan, Bloodscalp, Crushridge, Emeriss, Hakkar, Twilight’s Hammer.
  • Aggra (Português), Grim Batol, Frostmane.
  • Aggramar, Hellscream.

Is wyrmrest accord Horde or Alliance?

The Wyrmrest Accord is an alliance of the remaining four Dragonflights — Red, Bronze, Green, and even Black — against the Blue Dragonflight’s crusade.

What is Moon Guard in wow?

The Moon Guard (also spelled the Moonguard or simply the Guard) were an elite group of night elf sorcerers who served as protectors and peace-keepers in the ancient Kaldorei Empire, which dominated much of Ancient Kalimdor.

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