What is diamond water made of?

A method of producing carbonated water comprises the steps of adding liquid oxygen to a vessel, heating a diamond or quantity of diamonds, and adding the heated diamond(s) to the liquid oxygen to produce carbon dioxide. … The resulting product is a diamond derived carbonated water.

Is Diamond Water healthy?

Diamond Water is highly alkaline with a pH of 9.5. It therefore has the ability to counteract the effects of overeating overly acidic foods, and neutralize the pH levels within the body.

Is Diamond Water real?

Diamond Water, is a luxury, hand-crafted, high-pH brand of alkaline water. The process we use to develop this revitalizing refreshment is what makes Diamond Water unique; and for more than 5 years, it has been improving the health of people like you.

Is diamond alkaline water good for you?


that neutralizes free radicals – which may cause damage to our cells, allowing degenerative diseases to occur. Diamond Creek IONIZED 9.5pH Alkaline Natural Spring Water provides a similar effect to some of the most powerful antioxidants available.

Do they still make Diamond Water?

Diamond water is pretty much diamonds soaked in water that she swears by. Years later you can still spot Diamond water being sold at your local Ross store.

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Can you drink diamond water?

Diamond Water combines precious ingredients for a unique and healthy drinking experience. With every hydrating sip, Diamond Water lets you live healthy and shine bright.

Who created diamond water?

Asa Soltan Rahmati is the creator of “Diamond Water”. Asa’s passion for Diamond Water started in her teenage years through a special ritual she created in order to connect to a pure self – the perfect synergy of ancient ritual and modern alchemy.

Is Asa still with Jermaine?

The adorable moment offered a rare glimpse into Asa’s family life, as the Shahs alum — who became pregnant with Soltan in 2016 while on Shahs of Sunset — has previously kept her relationship with both her partner Jermaine and their son out of the public eye, a decision that didn’t always go over well with the rest of …

Does Diamond Water taste good?

From the United States. Love the bottle, love the diamond topper and really wanted to love the diamond water, but it does not taste great. Very dry and basic in taste (like Arrowhead) when compared to drinking the creme de la creme, Fiji water (vivacious, healthy, great tasting au natural water).

Can you drink diamond?

The popularity of diamond-eating suggests internal organs are an optimal hiding place for stolen hardware. But what happens to your innards when you swallow a diamond? … In other words, 65 percent of the time, pointy diamonds will not hurt you. But sometimes diamond swallowers find themselves among the unlucky minority.

What are the benefits of Diamond Water?

Alkaline to the Rescue

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Because alkaline water has a higher pH level than plain tap water, experts say that it may assist in neutralizing the acid in your bloodstream, boosting your metabolism and helping your body absorb nutrients more effectively.

Can you drink alkaline water everyday?

A: Drinking a bottle of alkaline water every other day won’t significantly affect your body. However, if you drink a gallon of alkaline water daily, your body has to work hard to maintain its pH and that means that over time, your body will produce more gastric juices and digestive enzymes.

Can you drink too much alkaline water?

Possible side effects and risks of alkaline water

Too much alkalinity may also agitate the body’s normal pH, leading to metabolic alkalosis, a condition that may produce the following symptoms: nausea. vomiting. hand tremors.

What is ASA net worth?

Asa Net Worth & Biography

Asa Net Worth: $28 Million
Born: September 17, 1982
Country of Origin: Nigeria
Education: Lagos State University
Source of Wealth: Music, Songwriting, Endorsements

Is Asa Soltan married?

‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Star Asa Rahmati Settles Lawsuit With Water Company – Read The Documents. A legal battle that has gone on for months between Asa Rahmati and another water company finally has ended — with a settlement — and RadarOnline.com has all of the exclusive details!