What is Sky VIP Diamond?

What is Sky VIP? … The highest tier is Diamond which rewards customers who have been with Sky for over 15 years. Sky will automatically move you into the higher tier when you qualify so you don’t have to do anything except stay loyal to move up the rankings. All your new rewards will be updated in the My Sky app too.

What do I get with Sky VIP Diamond?

Sky VIP Diamond (15+ years)

This is the top package and gets you all the benefits of the Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers, plus discounts on the Sky Soundbox for a full cinematic experience.

What does Sky Diamond VIP mean?

Sky VIP Diamond (15+ years) – gives you free Sky Q setup, so you can get access to the company’s best TV tech for a lower price. Also includes priority support with a dedicated phone number and advisors, so if you need customer service or technical help, you’ll get it quickly.

What is Sky VIP Platinum?

Sky VIP Platinum is for customers who have been with Sky more than 8 years, up to 15 years. It includes free Sky Fibre broadband set-up and a free data boost to your Sky Piggy Bank. Sky Piggy Bank is a depository for all your unused mobile data at the end of each month.

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How long is Diamond Sky VIP?

If you’ve achieved three years of uninterrupted Sky membership, you’ll be eligible for the Gold tier. If it’s eight years, you’ll be promoted to Platinum. Veterans of the Sky service that have been with the company for 15 years will obtain Diamond tier status.

How do you claim free movies on Sky VIP?

Go to the Sky VIP section of the My Sky app, join Sky VIP and accept the terms and conditions. We will then email you with the full instructions. b. Follow the instructions in the email to redeem your reward on either your Sky box or the Sky Store website.

What is Sky VIP black?

Sky VIP Black Top-tier customers get a free Sky Q box, Sky Q Mini and free installation, so you can watch TV around the home on multiple TVs or mobile devices and pick up wherever you left off. And access all your recordings on the self-same mobile devices too.

Is Sky Go Extra free with Sky VIP?

Re: Diamond VIP but charged for sky go extra

Sky Go Extra is required to download programs to the app instead of just streaming them. So if you just want to live TV, set recordings to your Sky box and stream catchup content (and not download) then you would not need Sky Go Extra.

What does Sky backstage include?

If you’re seeing a show at The O2, there’s no better way to start your night than to head to Sky Backstage, our bar behind the main stage that’s free for all Sky customers and their guests. Walk the red carpet, pout and pose for a photo, perform in our karaoke studio and grab a drink and a bite to eat.

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What’s the difference between Sky signature and Sky Ultimate?

Sky Signature is Sky’s base television service, giving you access to 300+ channels. … The Ultimate TV Add-On is one of the most popular additions as it gives you access to Netflix with your Sky TV subscription. You can also add the Sky Sports and Sky Cinema channels, along with BT Sport, Sky Multiscreen and more.