What is Swiss diamond coating?

Swiss Diamond® XD cookware features a patented nonstick cooking surface reinforced with real diamond crystals. This unique coating makes for effortless food preparation and clean-up. If treated properly, the surface is extremely long-lasting – it will not peel, crack or blister.

Is Swiss diamond coating safe?

Swiss Diamond’s nonstick coating has been manufactured without PFOA since 2008. However, even if you purchased your Swiss Diamond cookware before 2008, it is still safe: Swiss Diamond’s unique production process ensured the elimination of all PFOA particles.

What is Swiss diamond coating made of?

Swiss Diamond cookware, with the exception of the HD Pro Stainless Steel line, is made purely of cast aluminum with a high-quality nonstick coating. Aluminum is ideal for making cookware because it is lightweight, corrosion resistant, and has excellent thermal conductivity.

What is Swiss coating?

The Swiss Diamond nonstick coating has been named the best nonstick cookware for the past three years in a row by the leading U.S. consumer organization and is also ranked #1 in both Australia and New Zealand. Swiss Diamond® cookware is made of pressure-cast aluminum for uniform heat distribution with no hot spots.

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Is diamond infused coating safe?

The secret is the diamond-enhanced design. Blue Diamond`s nonstick coating is 5X harder, 4X faster, and 10X longer lasting than traditional nonstick coatings. It`s even metal utensil safe and toxin-free (free of PFAS, PFOA, lead & cadmium), so you can cook without worry. It’s the easiest cookware you’ll ever use!

Is Swiss Diamond a good brand?

Swiss Diamond is among the best non-stick cookware sets for durability. It’s common for these pots and pans to last 5 years with regular use and proper care, which is a substantially longer lifespan than you’ll find with most nonstick competitors.

Is Swiss Diamond made in China?

Swiss Diamond cookware is manufactured mainly in Switzerland, using hydroelectric green power supply in a clean and safe environment and is controlled by the Swiss authorities; the Swiss Diamond brand is expanded today to high end kitchen knives, Hand Held mixers, Stainless steel cookware, Kitchen tools, etc.

Is Swiss Diamond non stick?

Swiss Diamond cookware uses a revolutionary nonstick coating made with diamonds. The coating of each Swiss Diamond pan contains up to 240,000 real diamond crystals for a long-lasting nonstick surface.

How do you clean a Swiss Diamond frying pan?

In a large bowl, mix 1 part vinegar : 2 parts hot water. Immerse the Swiss Diamond pan in the solution for 15 minutes; check to see if the discoloration has disappeared by scrubbing gently with a soapy sponge, cloth, or non-abrasive cleaning pad. Continue soaking in the solution until the desired result is achieved.

Is PTFE safe?

PTFE is a fluorinated plastic that coats the inside of nonstick pans. Nonstick cookware coated with PTFE is safe to use. Delicate food cooked at lower temperatures comes out better using nonstick cookware. Proper care and storage will prolong the lifespan of your PTFE-coated cookware.

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Who owns Swiss Diamond?

Swiss Diamond Prishtina

Swiss Diamond Hotel Prishtina
Address Sheshi Nëna Terezë 10000
Opening 2011
Owner Mabetex
Technical details

Can you use metal utensils on Swiss Diamond cookware?

Cooking with oil: Designed for healthy cooking, Swiss Diamond allows cooking with little or no oil. … Learn more about choosing a cooking oil. Caution: Never use nonstick sprays. Proper Utensils: Silicone and wooden tools are recommended – metal utensils should not be used.

What is XD coating?

The XD Result

Swiss Diamond XD features a significantly improved seal between the cooking surface and the aluminum base. This creates a tougher, more corrosion resistant layer for a 40% increase in durability over HD with 40% better food release.

Is diamond Max better than ceramic?

Constructed from heavy-duty aluminum for excellent heat distribution and durability that lasts. DiamondMax(tm) nonstick interiors perform 3X better than ceramic nonstick for easy food release and cleanup. Shatter-resistant glass lids allow cooking to be monitored without losing heat or moisture.

Are diamond coated pans good?

The brand claims that diamonds conduct heat 4x faster than copper, a material which is seen by many as the highest standard in heat conduction for cookware. … Yes, diamonds are excellent conductors of heat. No, this doesn’t mean your pan will heat 4x faster than the best copper cookware.

Is diamond coated cookware toxic?

Using diamond-coated cookware on high heat can damage the non-stick coating, but unlike some other coatings, there are no hazardous toxic fumes released.