Why is paparazzi jewelry made in China?

Where is Paparazzi jewelry made at?

If that’s not enough, you’ll also be glad to know Paparazzi products are: One-of-a-kind featuring original design, style, and feel. Always changing—buy it when you see it! Made in China.

Is Paparazzi jewelry toxic?

Pieces of Paparazzi jewelry tested positive for arsenic, cadmium, lead, and nickel. All 10 pieces of Paparazzi jewelry that were tested were above the Prop 65 safe harbor levels of hazardous materials, some far more than others.

Does Paparazzi jewelry contain arsenic?

Despite Paparazzi’s promises of lead and nickel-free jewelry, their $5 product was no exception to the dangers. … Pieces of Paparazzi jewelry tested positive for arsenic, cadmium, lead, and nickel.

Is Paparazzi a Mormon company?

Are the founders of Paparazzi Jewelry Mormon? – Quora. YES! They are in fact members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Does Paparazzi jewelry turn green?

Some Paparazzi rings may turn your finger green under certain conditions. This isn’t because of the jewelry—it is because of chemical reactions between the acids in your skin. You can avoid this by coating the ring with clear nail polish so there is a barrier between the ring and your finger.

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Who owns Paparazzi jewelry company?

Paparazzi founders Misty and Trent Kirby, and Chani and Ryan Reeve, continue to expand the company with hands-on leadership and clear purpose. They individually design and source materials for Paparazzi products while working directly with manufacturing partners to create the fashion-forward results.

How much lead is in Paparazzi Jewelry?

Paparazzi earrings: Lead-free BUT positive for 2,985 ppm Antimony (+ Arsenic too).

How long has Paparazzi Jewelry been in business?

Although Paparazzi officially launched as a Party Plan Company the last week of December of 2010, it was developed long before then! Misty and Chani are sisters who were raised with a “get it done” attitude. After they were grown, married, and became mothers, life was busy for them, as with any life with a family!

Does paparazzi jewelry have lead and nickel in it?

Here is a recent statement from Paparazzi Accessories founders and corporate offices dated December 22, 2021.

What happens to inactive Paparazzi consultants?

A consultant who leaves in good standing is one who was cancelled due to inactivity or called in to terminate their consultant status. If you were cancelled do to violating policy you might not be in good standing and may never be allowed to rejoin the Paparazzi ranks.

Who is the top Paparazzi consultant?

For the company’s top individual consultant Geraldine Souza, Paparazzi entered her life in the wake of a costly divorce that left her renting out the bedrooms in her home to make ends meet. For her, selling five-dollar jewelry as a side gig became her own personal challenge.

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Does Paparazzi use real stones?

Paparazzi offers quartz, moonstone, and various semi-precious faux stones and a variety of rhinestones including hematite, pyrite, onyx, opal. … We also have faceted beads in acrylic, natural stone, lava rock, faux pearls, and glass.

Is Paparazzi a pyramid scheme?

This is an MLM and is not a pyramid scheme. And as with any MLM the only real way for you to make money is by getting people to join as a consultant under you. That means you’ll need to reach out to all of your friends and family members asking if they want to join with you.

Who is the CEO of Paparazzi jewelry?

Christina Wofford – Founder/CEO – Paparazzi Jewelry by Glamorous-Jewelz Christina Wofford | LinkedIn.

How much is the Paparazzi jewelry company worth?

Paparazzi Accessories’s annual revenues are $10-$50 million (see exact revenue data) and has 100-500 employees. It is classified as operating in the Clothing Accessories Stores industry.

Paparazzi Accessories Fast Facts.

Revenue $10 – $100 million See Exact Annual Revenue
Address 4771 S Astragalus Dr St George, UT 84790